What is Feminist Porn? Where to watch?

The last couple of years, pornography viewing statistics have revealed numerous things. Besides the fact that so many people are watching adult content, there’s also what they are looking at. Coincidentally, you have data on who is actually looking at it. As it turns out, women make up a large portion of those people who view porn online. This is rather interesting and surprising since most always thought —and still think — that adult content is mostly viewed by males.

Along with that information, what type of sexually explicit material females are interested in watching has also been made available. Query results show women using phrases such as “porn for women” more than any other when searching for porno. These stats show that a large portion of women are looking for female porn. But what exactly is feminist pornography all about? How is it different from male oriented smut? More importantly, what adult websites can you find and watch such adult content?

For women themselves, this entire issue is very important on several fronts. There are some females who want to look at porno; either by themselves or with their partners. While you do have some that don’t care for smut, others do. Those that are interested in it, like to approach this issue in a responsible way. Feminist pornography is different from traditional smut because of how the performers are treated. Additionally, instead of focusing mostly on the female body parts, desires and emotions take center stage.

Feminist porn goes even further in that it demands that the content be produced and filmed ethically. That means making sure that participants —especially women — are treated with respect. What’s more, that these porn actors are not forced into doing any sexual acts they do not want to. Lastly, more attention is paid to story lines as opposed to the sexually explicit content itself.

A large portion of male oriented porno was always thought to be too rough and violent. Additionally, it was recorded with females being submissive, in the male POV and with men in control. All of that has gone out the window now with all of the adult content for women. Below are some sites where you can find female oriented adult content.

Hot Movies For Her – Women searching for erotica, all girl, solo male or instructional porn videos, can find it here. Besides those topics, there are numerous others available.

Bright Desire – This site features short porn films which have won several awards. They call their movies smart and sensual sex. The movies focus on intimacy, pleasure, fun, fantasy, connection and much more.

Pornhub – Finding scads of free porn to view its part of what has made this site so popular. Additionally, many credit Pornhub for starting the entire ‘porn for her’ trend. It was their data results which highlighted what females were searching for. There is a great amount of erotic porn for women on this site.

Besides all of the aforementioned adult websites, there are several others that focus on the female perspective or are geared towards women. But most of them charge a fee for viewing the content. Nonetheless, it proves that even pornography is evolving and changing.