Not Safe for Work: Why Feminist Pornography Matters

For decades, men were always the primary factor driving the porn industry. Most of the adult movies being produced, were filmed using the male perspective. This rule was applied in every concept as females in the porn movies were submissive to the men. Women were treated as sex objects and with little disregard. Female pornstars often complained about working conditions and how they were treated. All of that has changed now due to the sex war taking place in the adult industry. Women are not only more visible as consumers of porno, but also as producers. They have taken matters into their own hands and the result is feminist porn.

The feminist pornography is more than having emotional and intimacy inserted into the storylines. The driving force is safety and better working conditions for porn actors. Many feminist activists have been fighting the porn industry for years. They’ve always felt that smut treated women as sex toys for men. Worse yet, it transformed them into sexual objects. When women began to take matters into their own hands, others resisted. However, once the pornography being produced by females began to attract attention and make money, things started to change.

In truth, money is the driving factor in any industry, especially pornography. As more women began to watch porn, they also wanted adult content for them. From that moment on, “Porn for her” was one of the most searched for topics in adult websites. As turns out, the feminist pornography was just what these women were looking for. Gone were the harsh treatment of females during the sex. The same for making them so submissive and only focusing on their private parts. More importantly though, safer and better conditions for both female and male porn actors.

Feminist pornography matters because it has made an impact on adult content which benefits all; not just women.

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