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What does “sex positive” feminism mean?

Sex-positive feminism is a movement that has been around since the early 80s. However, with the rise in feminist porn, social media and other factors, sex positive feminism has managed to be at the center stage again. Some say with much greater impact than in the past. The entire idea behind this movement is centered around sexual freedom. But the element driving it being females and their sexual liberty. Other names for the campaign are sexually liberal feminism, pro-sex feminism and/or sex radical feminism. Some followers attached it to the feminist porn crusade. These women felt that pornography was a tool that oppressed them.

The beginning of it all is often referred to as ‘sex wars’. Before long, women who identified themselves as sex-positive, began to take part in the movement. Many say it is why changes in the adult industry have taken place. Women feel that sex gives them the ability and power to do whatever they want in a romantic and sexual relationship. Instead of sex being used to degrade them, it becomes a positive tool for them. It allows them to have a pride in their bodies and a self-image of themselves that’s positive. Just because a woman doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship, it doesn’t mean she can’t have sex as much as she wants.

For too long, it was accepted for men to be part of the hookup culture without being ostracized. But when women did it, many labeled them as being ‘sluts’ or something worse. If a woman chooses to have consensual sex with anyone, she should feel good about herself. Sex can be a tool that brings her pleasure because it is her body. Sexual expression should not have limits for females or anyone. The movement is not about restricting pornography or sexual freedoms. Instead, it is about both sexes being viewed and treated equally.

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